Pub committee

The BorCie

(from left to right:)
Jop Beumers
Tom Claessens
Nanet Rijpert
Kay Golverdingen
Claudia Hacke

We are the pub committee, also known as the BorCie, the committee that organizes a wonderful themed drink every last wednesday of the month! Are you a fan of dressing up, or do you like to live in other (fantasy) worlds? Then we are here for you. With our great skills in arts and crafts and online shopping, we transform the Bodytalk into a beautiful feast. This committee, that will start with its second year, is run by Claudia (our treasurer), Jop, Kay, Nanet (our chairman) and Tom. So stop by at one of our events and if you have got a great idea for a theme, we would love to hear it, so come and have a chat with us!