Activity committee

The Accie


(from left to right, top to bottom:)
Doutzen van der Hoeven
Kyra Janssen (vice-chairwoman)
Olivier de Haan (chairman)
Nick Peeterse (treasurer)
Robin Leistra (PR)
Joram Schlatmann (secretary)
Ilse Akkerman (PR)

In this beautiful picture, you see the members of the Activity committee (the Accie). The most valuable committee of Anteros. Through the year we organize, every month, one activity for the members of Anteros. These activities can vary from a game of pool to a workshop pole dancing. We like to create a safe and cosy ambiance with these activities. At those activities, you can meet up with other members of Anteros.

I’ll introduce you the members of the Accie, Olivier is the president, Joram is the secretary , Nick is the treasurer, Kyra is the vice-president and the two people on PR are Robin and Ilse. Doutzen is the overviewing member of the board of Anteros. These members of the Accie will organize awesome activities this year.