EnSuite committee

The EnsCie

Enscie v2

Stefan Dimmers
Jim van Emden
Goos van Lent
Joram Schlatmann
Dirk Versluis (Chairman)
Tom Verstappen (Board member)
Danielle Wagenmakers

New this year is Anteros’ EnSuite Committee, aka the EnsCie. Every month, in collaboration with EnSuite, we organize one of Utrecht’s biggest gay nights out. Think of the EnsCie as any old Party committee, but times a hundred. The great thing about the EnsCie is that we work with an external organization. This way you get to meet even more lovely people, and get the chance to introduce even more people to the lovely Anteros. Not only do we assist EnSuite as volunteers on the night itself, but we help decide on the party’s themes, music, decorations and acts. And then, when EnSuite Saturday comes around, we’ll be there partying the hardest!