Party committee

The Feescie



Get to know the Party Committee, better known as the Twerkcie with the slogan: Feest down, booty up!

In 2016 and 2017 we’ll be responsible for organizing four awesome parties. In combination with our magnificent personalities we’ll bring the house down with every party we throw. Festive themes in the most exotic places will be set up just for you.

Our eccentric members are: Fenny, president of the Twerkcie followed by her loyal vice-president Noortje; Lisa who is responsible for the needed PR-work, she’ll create the most attractive posters for us; secretary Tijmen, who is devoted to write down everything we talk about and makes sure we never forget anything we discussed; Jerry who keeps up the right contacts with the best people and other committees and student societies, so we can step outside the borders of Utrecht to party hard; and Helene and Romi who bring the most creative ideas to the table, so we can always make every party the best one you’ve ever been to.

We hope you’ll enjoy the parties as much as we do, since it’s already a party just meeting with just us. It’s a surprise the building we meet in still exists!

Hopefully we’ll see you soon at one of our insane but coolest parties of this year!


Love from the Twerkcie,

Fenny, Lisa, Tijmen, Jerre, Helene Romi and Noortje