PR committee

The Promocie


The Promocie is the commission that takes care of the promotion of Anteros! We work night and day to make sure that everybody in Utrecht, the Netherlands and the rest of the world knows who we are. For this great masterplan, we bury the city in Anteros stickers and posters that we put up everywhere, but we also organise awesome activities to enhance our fame. When we’re not doing this, we’re the sidekick of other commissions that need some help with designing a poster or promoting an event. Need something promoted? We’ll get it done! You can find us as well on other gay events or parties, because these are great opportunities to make other ‘Utrechtenaers’ aware of the existence of Anteros. So wherever you go, you’ll probably end up seeing at least one of our members. That’s what we’re for!


Claudia, Senne, Nanet, Leon, Juliƫtte and Zino