Travel committee

 The Reiscie

Groepsfoto Reiscie
from left to right:)
Tijmen Evers
Christiane Vlam
Gaya ten Kate
Tom Claessens
Berry Groeneveld
Corné Diependaal

Anteros isn’t complete without our amazing travel committee. We organise a couple of weekends abroad, and those turn out great each year. The destination of this year big weekend abroad is still a surprise for you all. What we do know is that it’s going to be a great and long weekend. Because of the success of last year’s winter weekend we can announce that it’s returning this year, although it’s going to be like a second introduction weekend. At last we’re also responsible for the introduction weekend next September. If you are interested in our association we can guarantee you that traveling is a big part of our association and can’t go unnoticed.


The ReisCie