6 May 2015

UIT committee

The UITcie


(from left to right, top to bottom)
Olivier de Haan
Erno van Schaik
Joram Schlatmann
Chris Vlam
Ty Mees
Tijmen Evers
Juliëtte Koopman
Doutzen van der Hoeven

We are the UIT-committee. Like every year we host the ‘’Introduction Time of Utrecht’’ (UIT) for Anteros. The UIT-committee consists out of these active Anteros members: Doutzen, Tijmen, Ty, Eefje, Dirk, Erno, Juliëtte and Olivier. We have the task to organize a week of fun activities like drinks, parties and even parades. Every drink has a different theme that you will surely like. This year we will be attending the UIT-market where you can ask any kind of question about Anteros that we will answer gladly! We have a huge pink flamingo so we are easy to recognize. As you can see, this week is filled with hilarious and unforgettable moments. if you are interested in visiting us you should check out our Facebook page where we post more information during this week. Hope to see you there!