Claudia Hacke

Claudia Hacke_tweede foto

My name is Claudia Hacke, I am 21 years old and I’m a History student at Utrecht University.

This year I will be the secretary of Anteros, which means that you will most likely get in touch with me through communication within the association (the board emails and the like) and membership administration in general. I am also responsible for the (half-)yearly reports on Anteros’ activities and the minutes of the important meetings, such as the General Members Assembly. Besides this, I am also a member of the cooking and themed-drinks committees, so if you cannot find me at our weekly drinks, you know where else to find me.

I was born and raised on Vlieland, so everytime I say or do something different or weird, my fellow board members give me the ‘probably because she is from an island’ comment. I went to high school in Harlingen, though, because the high school on Vlieland provides no pre-university secondary education, so I am familiar with living on the actual European continent. During the weekends and holidays I go home quite often, either to see my family, to work or to just enjoy the quietness, because I still feel very at home.

Like I said earlier, I am studying History at Utrecht University, but because I like everything about it, I am really bad at making decisions and swing from one subject to the other. If it would be possible, I would do everything there is to do at the same time, but this year I’m taking it slow with just a minor in gender studies. (If you are in possession of any good history memes, please send them to me, many thanks in advance). Besides my love for history, I also really like to swim, cook and read fantasy novels.

I am always up for a chat so don’t hesitate to contact me, whether for a casual conversation or more serious questions. I might come across as really confused, but that is part of my personal appearance.