Doutzen van der Hoeven

Doutzen van der Hoeven_tweede foto

My name is Doutzen van der Hoeven, 21 years old and I study Law & Sociology/Psychology at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

I’m the Treasurer of U.H.S.V. Anteros, which means I regulate all the financial matters of Anteros. I make the budgets, the balances and the income statements. I take care of the contribution and the contributions for activities, I regulate payments and declarations. In addition, I take care of the financial report where all this is recorded. This year I am involved in the Activity Committee and the UIT Committee.

I grew up in Twente, but on the weekends I used to go sailing in Friesland (I am half Frisian, hence my name). I have been living on my own for a while and moved to Utrecht a year and a half ago. In addition to the board and committees, I am a member of E.L.L.A., the women’s sorority of Anteros.

Recently I started playing rugby at RUS (Rugbyende Utrechtse Studenten). I enjoy it a lot, even with bruises, scratches, muscle aches and mud everywhere. It’s part of the deal! I train twice a week. On Wednesdays after training I hurry to the Bodytalk to have a good conversation with the members and have a beer together. Before I started playing rugby, I played the trumpet in a symphony orchestra. I’ve been playing the trumpet for 15 years now, I hope to play again in an orchestra after this year as part of the 8th board of Anteros.

I look forward to all the creative and enthusiastic members and what this year will bring to us all. I expect a lot of love, fun and ‘gezelligheid’ (it’s a typical Dutch word).

See you at the weekly drinks or at an activity!

FisKusjes (lots of love),

Doutzen van der Hoeven
Treasurer 2017-2018