19 March 2015

Erno van Schaik


Heya! I am Erno van Schaik, 22 years old and currently living in the most beautiful country village of the Netherlands: Montfoort.. (but if you need a roommate in Utrecht, hit me up). I don’t study at the moment but I am planning to start Higher Hotel Education next year.

The fact that I don’t study gives me enough time to fulfill my role as Assessor this year. My responsibilities as Assessor are the website, photos, Social Media and any visual representation of the association. I like to call it the fun package, because these are all things I like to do. Although I did find out that going through and filtering hundreds of photos isn’t always at fun as it seems. The committees I will be part of are the Canal Pride committee (because I was chairman last year), the Yearbook committee (so we can put all the spiciest photo’s in the yearbook) and the Cooking committee (because I’m Gordon Ramsey’s biggest).

In my spare time I’m mostly partying, gaming or cycling (everything is so far away from Montfoort). I furthermore already work 7 years in restaurant Het Oude Stadhuis (translates as The Old Town Hall) in Montfoort. You can come if you like when I’m at work, I won’t give you free stuff but I will always greet you with a big smile.

In the last 2 years I’ve gotten a lot of love from Anteros and I hope I can give the same amounts of love (or more) back to Anteros this year. You can always talk to me when I’m around, I don’t bite but I will make photos of you that you’ll regret later on. I hope that, together with my co-boardmembers, we can make this an amazing Anteros year, I’m looking forward to it!

Lots of love,
h.t. Assessor