Nanet Rijpert

portret-nanet-psdMy name is Nanet and I’m 22. My position is that of Assessor. Within this board that means I handle the PR side of things. For example, I have re-designed this very website and I take and upload all the photo’s for the society. If anything creative has to be done, I’m your girl. Designing membership cards and invitations or editing pictures, Photoshop is my best friend. Being on the promotion committee fits into this perfectly.

I’m a psychology major and hope to get my bachelor’s degree this year. Next to my studies and work for the society I love hanging out with friends. When food and drinks are involved I’m usually there. I love going to the many gay-parties in Utrecht with all the members from Anteros but also like winding down on the couch with Netflix after a long day.



You can find me at Bodytalk on Wednesday for our open-drink nearly every week and I’m always up for a beer and a chat.  Hope to see you soon!