Tijmen Evers

Tijmen bestuur

My name is Tijmen Evers and I am 22 years old. Last year I finished my bachelor degree in history at the University of Utrecht and I’ve now started the master’s program ‘Cultural History of Modern Europe’. That might not ring a bell for a lot of people, but it entails everything related to cultural heritage, cultural policy and public history. In the course of this program I learn how to tell stories to anyone and everyone. I hope to find a nice internship in a museum or political institute for the coming semester. Next to this Masters programme, I’m quite a culture freak as well and I mean that in every way possible: I like to game, I go to museums, read books, listen to every kind of music and anything else you can think of. So if you’re looking for a game buddy or something like that, you can definitely message me?
This year I’ll be your Vice-President, a position that doesn’t have a lot of defined tasks, which change with every course of the year. I’ve already been focussing on the ‘identity’ and our webshop (together with my lovely Assessor) and will mostly be a support for the other board members. Next to that I will take place in the Sister Committee for our association. This committee was brought to life to keep up our contacts with sister associations across the country. I will also be part of the UIT Committee and the Travel Committee. With that in mind I can say I’m really looking forward to this year’s trips and the amazing UIT as ending to the year, which I will be contributing to for the third year in a row.


Your VP