Sinds 2022

Kyra Girán Praeses

Luisa Ramos Ab Actis

Bogs Crisan Fiscus

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Welcome! This is Atlas!
While Anteros offers the opportunity for people of any background to join, Atlas is the place for members with (mainly) different cultural backgrounds.
Being someone from a different cultural background or an international can be difficult. Therefore our goal is to provide a group of friends who will make you feel at home and make it easier to integrate into the association.
We do a mixture of active and low-key activities, so there’s something for everyone! We meet every third Thursday of the month, and our activities range from bowling or boardgame nights to going out in Amsterdam.
Whether you are an international member of Anteros, or simply someone seeking a warm and welcoming space to discover other cultures, Atlas welcomes you with open arms 💙🌎🌍
If you’d like to become a member please send a message to [email protected] or @atlasdispuut on Instagram.