Anteros has got 14 committees! These are the people that keep the association going. Discover them all below:

Activity Committee

The Accie 2019-2020 members are (from left to right):
Marga Don (acting board member)
Anne Löbker (treasurer)
Anne-Thérèse (chairman)
Nina Wichern (secretary)
Thijs Neijenhuis (head of promotion)


The activity committee, a.k.a. the Accie, organizes monthly fun activities for the members of Anteros. These activities range from scavenger hunts to pub quizzes, to a night of bowling or playing pool. Whatever we’re doing this month, the most important thing is that there’s something fun to do for everyone and that everyone that wants to join is able to. This way, we keep it enjoyable and inclusive!

Pub Committee

The BorCie 2019-2020 members are (from left to right):
Tjerk Swinkels (secretary)
Jop Beumers
Gala van der Meer (chairman)
Christy Brouwer (acting board member)
Stuart Leishman (treasurer)


We are the Borrelcommissie (Drinks Committee) and every month we organize a themed drinks for
our members. The Bodytalk will be turned into a theme-rich venue with matching music and drinks!
What kind of themes, you’re wondering? Well, nothing’s too crazy: from Winter Wonderland to
traffic signs! Come on by and have a drink with us as we make the drinks a great one.

With love,
The BorCie

Canal Pride Committee

The CanalCie 2019-2020 members are (from left to right, top to bottom):
Laura Burger 
Claudia Hacke (secretary)
Margot Jacobs (chairman)
Marga Don (acting board member)
Nick Peeterse
Bram van Overdijk (treasurer)


The Canal Pride Committee (CanalCie) is the committee that makes sure Anteros sails along with the annual Utrecht Canal Pride. Last year Anteros crossed the waters of the Utrecht Canals with our beautiful Angels and Demons themed boat which was super fun! This year the committee is again devoted to creating a gigantic party on the boat. We are going to make sure that as many Anteros members as possible can enter the boat in 2020. Anteros will sail with good music, lots of drinks, fantastic people, a beautiful theme, and all the colours of the rainbow, at the Utrecht Canal Pride. So all hands on deck, because Anteros is going to make waves on the 6th of June, 2020. Amor, Vincit, Omnia!

Party Committee

The FeesCie members are (from left to right):

Brian Hulsebos
Collin van Rossum
Judica den Daas
Pepijn Vink
Roel Zeegers


Photo coming soon

Sport Committe

The FitCie 2019-2020 members are (from left to right)
Tim van Heusden (chairman)
Dennis van der Ent Braat (acting board member)
Fleur Koolstra (secretary)
Fenny Beernink (treasurer)


We’re back: the Sports committee. Also known as the FitCie!
This year we’ll try our best to organize activities where fitness and fun come together. We will defnitely not forget to cheers with some drinks after working out!

See you at one of our activities!



Introduction Committee

The IntroduCie 2018-2019 members are (from left to right):
Jop Beumers
Daan de Jong
Dennis van der Ent Braat
Joram Schlatmann
Joes de Jonge
Marga Don
Judica den Daas
Olivier de Haan (niet op de foto)


What does the Introduction committee do, you might ask? Well, we are an amazing committee that is responsible for the introduction time at Anteros! This  period of a couple of weeks will take place after the UIT and will be THE ultimate chance for new members to get to know Anteros better. We will provide great activities for all of you, such as a pub crawl, a boat trip around the canals and lots more…

We can’t wait to offer you the greatest introduction to Anteros ever!

See you in August!

The Art and Culture Committee

The Art- and Culture Committee 2019-2020 members are (from left to right):
Bryce van Steenis (secretary)
Richard Koschny (chairman)
Joes de Jonge (acting board member)
Jim Vollebregt (treasurer)



Together we are the KunsCie. We are focused on organizing fun activities with a cultural or artistic background for everyone. We will do our best to make sure everybody has a good time!

Lustrum Committee

Our second Lustrum committee

Anteros is celebrating its 10th birthday! Check out the lustrum page for more information.

The LustrumCie 2019-2020 members are (photo coming soon):
Goos van Lent (chairman)
Eefje Sanders (treasurer)
Dennis van der Ent Braat (acting board member)
Christy Brouwer (acting board member)
Nick Peeterse 
Jonathan Trejos
Robin Leistra
Leon van den Boogaard
Olivier de Haan 


This year the second lustrum of Anteros will take place and the Lustrum committee will provide you with a busy schedule! To celebrate Anteros turning 10 years old, the committee put together a set of activities and events. From parties to symposium, to a beer cantus: the lustrum is a party that will last all year long.

HR Committee

The PoliCie 2019-2020 members are (from left to right):
Joram Schlatmann (chairman)
Eva van Dijk (acting board member)
Dirk Versluis (secretary)
Haico Wong (treasurer)


As a student union, Anteros is always changing, continually getting new members and reaching new milestones. This means that despite the renewed articles of association, we still have regulations like the rules of procedure (huishoudelijk reglement in Dutch) that need to be revamped. As such we have elected to appoint a committee to take this task upon them. As such we would like to introduce ourselves: we are the PoliCie! As a committee of Anteros we fulfill the following three roles:
1. Advisory: the PoliCie committee offers every member of Anteros clarification of the regulations that are currently enacted. Everyone including the Board, committees, members, friends of Anteros or Alumni can appeal to one of our members for questions.
2. Executive: the PoliCie continually revamps Anteros’ regulations according to where change is deemed necessary and provides motions to change the articles in question.
3. Regulatory: the PoliCie sees to it that the rules of our union are followed correctly and provides consultation if need be.

If you have any questions or would like to consult one of us about the regulations like the rules of procedure or articles of association feel free to email us.

Travel Committee

The ReisCie 2019-2020 members are (van left to right, top to bottom):
Chris Vlam (chairman)
Pepijn Vink (acting board member)
Judica den Daas (vice chairman)
Colin van Rossum (treasurer)
Tijmen Evers (secretary)


Dear travellers!

We, the travel committee, would like to introduce ourselves. This five-headed committee will be taking
Anteros on a journey, and not only once, but even twice. At Wintro (winter introduction camp)
we will escort you to the cosy group accommodation, Katteveld. There you will be submerged in
wintry vibes with lots of activities for a jolly good time. For a whopping three days, you will be
forging warm friendships with your fellow Anterians to survive the cold winter days. But that’s
not all folks. As we have said before, in May we will take you on a new journey to a destination
yet to be revealed. There we will broaden our horizons through the local culture and discovering
the nightlife of our fellow LGBT+’ers. The members of our committee are always available for some
small talk, questions or other remarks.

We hope to see you on one of our trips,
Tijmen, Pepijn, Judica, Chris en Colin

Yearbook Committee

The ScripCie 2019-2020 members are:
Ayla Baart
Dennis van der Ent Braat
Joshua Vonk
Marga Don
Marloes Arendts


Photo coming soon

Social Committee

The SerieuCie 2019-2020 members are (from left to right, top to bottom):
Willemijn Ros (secretary)
Merijn Heeres (chairman)
Yacine Verschuren (treasurer)
Floris van den Bulck
Joes de Jonge (acting board member)
Keimpe de Vries (not pictured)


We would like to introduce ourselves as representatives of the social committee of Anteros. We have a unique oppurtunity to bring sociopolitical problems of our members and the broader queer community to the table in the new decennium. We want to achieve this by organizing activities where attendees can inform, express and amuse themselves. These events will be announced in due course on the Anteros Facebook page. We want to invite everyone to attend our activities and work together with ons on a broader goal: the development of social involvement of Anteros and her members.

Cooking Committee

The SmulCie 2019-2020 members are (from left to right, top to bottom):
Roos Lalk (secretary) 
Thijmen van Deijl (head of promotion)
Stuart Leishman (chairman)
Max Reijers (vice chairman)
Raoul Sol (treasurer)
Eva van Dijk (acting board member)


UIT Committee

The UITcie 2019-2020 members are (from left to right):
Jop Beumers (chairman)
Robin Leistra (vice chairman)
Dennis van der Ent Braat (acting board member)
Eva van Dijk (acting board member)
Jeroen Passenier (treasurer)
Anne Thérèse Plat (secretary)


A new UIT-week and a super enthusiastic new UIT-committee. We are a creative and hyper bunch who cant wait to poor all of our energy and enthusiasm into the next UIT-week. Accompanied by some old UIT-members from the very succesful UIT-week last year, we’re certain this year will be amazing as well. This year will be even bigger and crazier than ever before and we cant wait to share our massive plans with you. But you will have to wait for a little bit longer since we wont reveal our plans until we start reaching the date the UIT-week starts.

UIT-tastic greetings,
Jop, Anne, Jeroen, Dennis, Eva en Robin.