Hi! My name is Christy Brouwer, I’m 20 and a third year Computer Engineering student. This year I’ll have the Ab Actis role within the board, which is a pretty way of saying Secretary. Being Ab Actis means I’ll write all the meetings’ notes, keep an eye on our e-mails and I’ll be making sure all our appointments have been planned in correctly. Real important work, as it helps my fellow board members be at the right place at the right time with everything they might need. I try to create some structure and oversight during our busy weeks. Apart from this strategical side of my role, I also keep the members’ registry updated. I register Anterians, and remove them if needed, and make sure changes in personal details get processed immediately, all the while keeping an eye out for any birthdays! This is why I will be the first point of contact for Anterians when they want to chat about changes and more informative questions such as things about the IR and statutes.

Because my role is quite serious and precise, I also want to have a party side to it! That’s why I will be the overseeing board member of the drinks committee and the lustrum committee. I look forward to organizing lots of activities with them!

This will be my second year with Anteros. In the first year of my study I focused on, well, my study! Apart from this I was very active in my very young study association, where I took part in five different committees, not sure how I had so much free time. After that year I wanted to do something else. Even though the study association was really nice, after an entire day of programming, talking about IT even more was a bit too much. This realisation made me end up at a drinks of Anteros just before the Summer of 2018, with my dear fellow board member Joes as my drinks buddy. I decided I would most likely want to be a member but decided to wait a bit; it would not be worth it for the last month before the vacation started, in which I would be busy with exams anyway. That’s why I decided to walk by Anteros again during the UIT of 2018 and I became a member soon afterwards! I was immediately all-in because during the year I participated in three committees, the travel committee, the drinks committee and the lustum committee. This enthusiasm I’ll, of course, also keep up during my board year!

Feel free to tap me on the shoulder during the weekly drinks, whether something’s up or not, I’m always available for a conversation! Whether it’s about IT or something else, nothing is as interesting as learning new things!


Christy Brouwer

h.t. Ab Actis der U.H.S.V. Anteros