Hi! I’m Marga, 20 years old, living in Utrecht and studying Artificial Intelligence at Utrecht University.

I became a member of Anteros last year during the UIT week (at 2:30 AM) and I still think of it as the best decision I made that week! After being part of the Activities committee and the Introduction committee, I am extremely excited to be able to contribute to the association as a board member.

Within the board, I will be fulfilling the role of Acquisitor. It’s a role with a difficult title (10 points if you write it correctly at your first try) but a pretty simple description: maintaining and creating contact between Anteros and her sponsors. Of course, that’s still a little vague, so just assume I’m constantly working to make Anteros known to people who can mean something to us.Additionally, I will take place in the Activities committee, the Canal-Pride committee and the Association Song Taskforce. I will also have a seat in the city’s LGBTI Advice committee.

Apart from my board year, I like to spend time on music and theatre, gaming on my Switch, and I will try to pass a few classes in the meantime. I also love to talk about the different plants in my room, so I can always tell you about those.

But also if you have any questions about Anteros, or just want to talk, come talk to me at the borrels! See you then!

Amor Vincit Omnia,

Marga Don

h.t. Acquisitor der U.H.S.V. Anteros