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Hey hey! I’m Anne-Thérèse, or Anne. I’m 20 years old, I live in Utrecht, and I’m a third year biology student at Utrecht University. 

I come from the area Putten/Ermelo but I’ve been living in Utrecht for a little more than a year now and I’m slowly learning that I do like city life. In my free time I honestly have too many hobbies to rotate but I like to read and go running. Two years ago (around half past two AM) during the UIT, I became a member of Anteros. Since then, I’ve felt at home with the association. In my first year I joined the activity committee and after that I only wanted to do more for Anteros, which is why I’m a board member now.

I will be treasurer this year. In short; I handle the money. If you have plans with your committee, you’ll have to show me your plans with the budget first! I am looking forward to this job. Apart from handling the money, I have other responsibilities. I’ll be the overseeing booard member in the Lustrum committee, activity committee, introduction committee, and the UIT committee. Next to that, I’ll be the main point of communication for our counselors, the UU, and the HU. 

If you’re still curious about me or Anteros, you can approach me at one of our drinks nights! I’m always curious and love meeting new people. Until then!

Anne-Thérèse Plat

h.t. Fiscus der U.H.S.V. Anteros