I’m Joes de Jonge and this year I’m the Fiscus of Anteros. I’m 21 years old and since this year I officially study Computer Science at University Utrecht. Previously, I studied Mathematics, but it turned out it wasn’t a great fit for me. I live in Utrecht. Formerly I lived in Nijverdal (that’s in Overijssel in the east of the Netherlands, for those who didn’t know) for eighteen years and after that I lived in Hilversum for half a year. My conclusion is that Utrecht is the nicest city in the Netherlands which can also give you a really great student time.

This year I will be responsible for the finance. For example, keeping up with the income statement and the balance sheet. I will check how our committees will perform financially. And most fun of all, I may process all the receipts. Besides that there are tasks that will come to us later this year but don’t really belong to a certain member of the board, but do still belong to the board. I could pick up some of those tasks. Finally I will be the acting board member of the Art and Culture committee and the Social committee. I check whether the committees are working great and I can provide a good contact between the committees and the board.

This is already my third year with Anteros. When I finished my end examinations of secondary school, I was already searching which students associations are located in Utrecht. Then I stumbled upon Anteros and I immediately thought Anteros could be a nice association. Eventually I signed up in September that year and it was definitely not a bad choice. I could directly join the Art and Culture committee where I arranged really nice activities with great people. Last year I joined the Art and Culture committee again, but also the Introduction committee. It’s nice to do something for the association by joining a committee, you arrange the activities and that makes the whole association better.

Feel free to talk to me on our drinks or wherever you see me passing by. You can talk to me about anything. My interests are very broad.


Joes de Jonge

h.t. Fiscus der U.H.S.V. Anteros