Fleur Koolstra

Hey there! My name is Fleur, 20 years old, living in Utrecht and a fourth-year physiotherapy student at the Hogeschool Utrecht.

I originally come from Ede, where I lived with my parents and sister until I was 18. I have been living on my own in Utrecht for more than two years, and I’m loving it! In my spare time I enjoy cooking, I can often be found on my racing bike and I volunteer at the Outway foundation.

In the first year of my study I had a drink at Anteros, but due to the hustle and bustle of my studies, it did not become a member back then. I eventually joined at the start of the third year of my study and I have not regretted it for a single moment!

The ambition to become a board member has grown during the year and in the end I was sure: this is what I want to do next year!

This year I will hold the position of Praeses. This means that I am the face of the board and the association and therefore the point of contact for both Anterians and external parties. Within the board I will lead the meetings and ensure that the process runs effectively and efficiently. During internal and external activities I will occasionally give a speech in which I speak on behalf of the board or the association.

In addition to these regular Praeses tasks, I will also have a number of additional tasks. For example, I am the point of contact for the RAGweek, the Midzomergrachtfestival, the Utrecht Rainbow Festival and I take place as an acting  board member in the Canal Pride committee and the Cooking committee.

Well, this was a little bit about who I am. You can always approach me at activities and the weekly drinks, whether you have questions or just for a nice chat! I look forward to our conversation 🙂

Fleur Koolstra

h.t.Praeses der U.H.S.V. Anteros