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Hello! My name is Gala and I am 23 years old. I live in Utrecht and am a fourth year Biology student at University Utrecht.

I am from Capelle aan den IJssel, which lies right next to Rotterdam and you can sometimes hear that from my accent. I moved to Utrecht two years ago and haven’t regretted it since. My hobbies include bouldering, gaming, watching Netflix, playing guitar, listening to music and TTRPGs (mostly Dungeons and Dragons and Vampire the Masquerade), but I don’t mind a party or two! When I was eighteen I started studying English Language and Culture which I found very interesting, but when it came to a job in the future with this study it turned out to not be my cup of tea. So in my third year of university I started a double Bachelor with Biology. I managed to finish my English studies in February 2019 and am now busy trying to finish Biology, which is going to take a bit longer since I am doing a board year. 

I was introduced to Anteros by Anne, our treasurer, about a year ago when I visited one of Anteros’ parties during the UIT week. Since then I have been having a wonderful time and have felt at home in the association. I joined the Drinks Committee where we organised fun themed drinks in the Bodytalk. This responsibility and connection with the association led me to sign up for a board year. 

This year I will be the Ab Actis, also known as the secretary, of Anteros. I am responsible for all incoming and most outgoing emails, the upkeep of member files and I occasionally send birthday emails. Apart from that I will also be the overseeing board member in the Party Committee and the Art and Culture Committee. 

Feel free to approach me during a drinks or activity since I am always up for a (party) conversation!

With kind regards,

Gala van der Meer

h.t. Ab Actis of U.H.S.V. Anteros