Hey there!

I’m Eva, I’m 21 years old and this year I plan on graduating from my bachelor in Biology at the University of Utrecht.

The coming year I will be the Praeses of the association, which means I am the head of the board. As the name implies, I am charged with the task of making the board meetings sail smoothly. Additionally, I am the public face of the association; questions both from within and outside of the association go to me first and I am the one to do speeches on behalf of the board and the entire association. For me, it is of utmost importance that Anterians feel comfortable approaching  me, whether it is for a joke, an epic idea or a more heavy topic, I am there for you! Next to my tasks as Praeses I will also be putting my best foot forward as overseeing board member for the UIT-committee and the cooking committee.

I’m from a small town near Rotterdam but over the years I have called many towns my home. Adding to my nomadic life is my second nationality, I am a proud owner of both a Dutch and a Belgian passport. This makes me, and I am quite proud of this, the first international Praeses of the association. Ever since I started studying in Utrecht I have fallen in love with this town, especially halfway through my second year when I first discovered Anteros! I made friends for life here almost immediately as it was exactly what my student life had been missing up to then. For my studies I will be studying the friendships among primates but I hope that this year I will get to see even more friendships blossom especially within Anteros.

The love of my life, Biology, has gotten some competition now that I am part of Anteros. Luckily the two can coexist, as you will notice when you approach me during the weekly drinks and ask me about my newest animal facts. Or come to me and tell me everything about your favourite fun facts! In any case, I look forward to our conversation!

Amor Vincit Omnia.


Eva van Dijk

h.t. Praeses der U.H.S.V. Anteros