Task Forces

Anteros has a total of 3 task forces. See them all here below:

Anteros Anthem task force

The MusiCie members are (from left to right):
Marga Don (acting board member)
Yacine Verschuren (chairman)

Gala van der Meer
Marijke Prins


We’re the MusiCie, the taskforce which has taken up the task to revamp our association song! With the help of all our members, we will create a song which will entail the essence of our beautiful association. We are the people who will make this dream come true, so our members will surely hear about us this year!

Promotion task force

The PromoCie members are (from left to right):
Leon Boogaard
Dennis van der Ent Braat
Brian Hulsebos
René van der Veen


Website task force

The WebCie members are (from left to right):
Toine Rademacher (secretary)
Dennis van der Ent Braat (acting board member)
Moïse Veldema
Noortje van Bentum (chairman)
Christy Brouwer (acting board member)


We – Christy, Dennis Toine Moïse and Noortje – are the members of the newly appointed Website task force. Anteros keeps growing and an up-to-date website has to be able to reflect that kind of growth. As a diverse group of people with IT as well as visual skills, we will provide a beautiful and neat website with more features than ever before! Keep checking the website for the latest updates. You can always send us an e-mail if you have a question or any remarks.