19 March 2015

Activity committee

The Accie

(In the middle:)
Joram Schlatmann (Overlooking board member)

(From left to right:)
Marga Don (Vice-President)
Tjeerd Havinga (Treasurer)
Berry Groenewoud (Secretary)
L (Head of external affairs)
Robin Leistra (President)
Iris van den Wijngaard (Head of promotion)

The activity committee, or the Accie, organises different activities throughout the year. We have an activity about every month. This can differ from pool to rollerdisco! We are going to make sure that we have many fun activities for Anteros members. This year we already had some amazing ones and we are planning to make it even better than previous years! With our activities we always try to create a fun and open-minded atmosphere so you can meet new people.


The Accie