19 March 2015

Party committee

The FeesCie

(from left to right:)
Max Gielkens
Michael Schmidt
Marise Edgar
Peter Hoogenboom
Dennis van der EntBraat

What will we do this year? We will provide the lovely members of Anteros with some amazing parties this year. That isn’t done with just a snap of a finger. The life of a party committee member is about more than just dancing at one of our fabulous parties. We have to arrange a location, promote the events like crazy and of course decorate the place. Because life is a party, but who provides the garlands? Well we do, with love of course.

The members of the committee are: Dennis, Marise our secretary, Max the treasurer and spy from the board, Michael and of course Peter the chairman of this lovely committee. Hopefully you people are well enough informed about this committee. But if you really wanna get to know us then you have to come to one of our parties!