5 June 2019

Introduction committee

The IntroduCie

(from left to right:)
Jop Beumers
Daan de Jong
Dennis van der Ent Braat
Joram Schlatmann
Joes de Jonge
Marga Don
Judica den Daas
Olivier de Haan (not on the picture)

What exactly does the IntroduCie do, you might wonder?? Well, this wonderful committee is responsible for the Intro-time! This will take place right after the UIT and is THE chance for new members to get to know Anteros. We will organise some awesome activities for you, like a pub crawl, a tour of the Utrecht canals, and muuuuch more….

We can’t wait to give you a good IntroduCie (trust me, the joke works very well in Dutch) to Anteros!

See you in August!