19 March 2015

Social committee

The SerieuCie

(from left to right:)
Willemijn Ros
Simon van der Stoel
Judica den Daas
Esmay Versteegh
Kelly Bliekendaal

We are the social committee of Anteros, which we lovingly call the SerieuCie. Anteros, as a student society, is involved in a lot of fun activities, but through our committee it’s involved in social issues as well, which are usually relevant to the lives of non-cishetero adolescents. Because our activities do not only touch our own members, they are openly available to the public. We mostly concern ourselves with how society views LGBTA-issues combined with, for instance, politics, religion, or science. In this light, we hope to make this year a learning experience for all!

The SerieuCie