19 March 2015

Travel committee

The VakanCie

(van left to right, top to bottom:)

Chris Vlam (Overlooking Board Member)
Pepijn Vink (Treasurer)
Jordi van Spronsen
Christy Brouwers (Secretary)
Richard Koschny (Vice-President)
Tijmen Evers (President)

Welcome at the VakanCie, the travel committee of Anteros! This year we are the lucky Anterians who are going to combine their efforts to organize fun trips during the year. Of course we have the winterweekend again which will be set up as a second introduction camp. We’ll also organize the summer trip but that’s still a secret! It’ll definitely be an adventure to remember ???? Of course the Vakancie will also be attending the introduction camp in September, for this we’ll organize the logistics of the camp and cook nice meals every day. All in all there’ll be a lot of nice places to discover and experience so come with us on vacation!