Art- and Culturecommittee

Tess Röder
Sanne Penning
Joes de Jonge
Susan Ronner
Tirza Besseling
Matou Zwemmer
Bryce van Steenis
Ilse Winckers


We are the Arts and Culture Committee, also known as the KunsCie. We organise artistic and cultural activities. With us it goes all the way what kind of activity we organise. Think for example of a drama workshop, dance class, ironing bead evening, drawing evening or museum visit. We try to involve everyone in the association in every activity. We do not only focus on those who are already very into artistic or cultural things, but we also want to introduce others to new sides of art and culture. A dance workshop in a new style of dance or making art with new attributes is among these.
We hope to see you soon at a KunsCie activity. We hope you are as excited about it as we are!