As the social committee (better known as the SerieuCie) of Anteros we’d like to introduce ourselves to you. We organise interesting evenings and activities about sociopolitical topics that are of interest to members of Anteros as well as the wider queer community, so that member can inform themselves about topics they do not know much about yet, so that they can express themselves, and of course enjoy themselves. For example, we organise film- and documentary nights, lectures, and many other important and educational activities. And, as the SerieuCie’s pride and joy, we also organise the Queer Bookclub, where we meet every one or two months to talk about a certain book or theme that is related to the queer community. All these activities will be promoted on the Anteros Facebook page. We invite everyone to join our activities while enjoying a glass of wine, a beer, or maybe just a glass of A.C.E. fruit juice. See you soon at the next activity!