Jerre Mijnarends

Jerre Mijnarend

Of course we want everyone to be in a good mood.

Therefore, if you’re having a hard time with something and you’d like to talk about it, you can email our counselors at Think of problems surrounding your sexuality or anything else personal. Everything you discuss with our counselors is confidential. You can also contact our counselors anonymously using a fake (anonymous) email address. Nobody will ask you for personal details if you don’t want to share them.

Foto van vertrouwenspersoon Gerco Korteweg

Gerco Korteweg

Our counselors are available to both Anterians and people who are not a member!

Our counselors this year (2021-2022) are Gerco Korteweg and Jerre Mijnarends. They’ll be available for you all year and will try to support you as best as they can!
Do you feel like a conversation with a counselor isn’t enough? Via them or via the board you can find more sources to get help. or Other than that we have the following sources:

Suicide Prevention

Do you need help immediately? The Dutch prevention line is available by chat on call them at 0900-0113. 113 Suicide Prevention is the national Dutch suicide prevention centre, which employs psychologists, psychiatrists and a large group of fully trained volunteers who provide round-the-clock confidential support through chats and phone calls. Do not hesitate to call this number (0900 – 0113) if you or somebody you know is contemplating suicide, or is feeling desperate. Help is available in English and Dutch.

Mental health crises

Altrecht Crisis Hotline (Altrecht Crisisdienst)
Tel: +31 30 230 8850 (22.00 to 08.30)
Altrecht is a specialist mental health support organisation in utrecht. This hotline for mental health emergencies can be used in urgent situations 24/7, when other student services are unavailable. English can be used and translators for other languages can be provided if necessary.

Mental Health Support & Self-Help

The British mental health charity Mind is an excellent source of further information about mental wellbeing, as well as offering all kinds of specific advice and self-help resources.

The Dutch organization PsyQ offers a range of mental healthcare support to Dutch and international students.

GGZ Nederland (Dutch Association of Mental Health and Addiction Care) is the sector organisation of specialist mental health and addiction care providers in the Netherlands.


Princetonplein 9, 3584 CC Utrecht
Monday – Friday: 10:00-14:00
Thursday: 10:00-16:00
KvK: 50238825

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