Loïse Haak


Hey, I’m Loïse (she/her) and I will be praeses next year! As president of the association, I will chair general membership meetings, give speeches at activities and, of course, deploy our cheers “Amor Vincit Omnia”. As the face of the board, I am the point of contact for external parties, but of course you can always come to me as a member too! In my spare time and at work, I work with software. So naturally, I am always open to excessive philosophising about what something means, whether it makes sense and how it fits together. I look forward to seeing you at a drink or at an activity!

The Praeses is the president of the association. This means that this person leads meetings such as, for example, ALVs and board meetings. In addition, the Praeses and takes the floor during e.g. member activities and get-togethers.