Roy van Ballegooijen


Hi hi, Roy (he/him/his) here! I am the Vice-Praeses of our wonderful association this coming year. My position involves supporting the Praeses and taking over her duties in her absence. Furthermore, I will be busy maintaining our external contacts, for example the BodyTalk or other associations within the Netherlands. I am currently studying Neuropsychology, because of my interest in the relationship between human motives and neurological processes. I also like cooking, board games and big men with small dogs. If you see me at a get-together or activity, don’t shy away from my resting bitch face!

Task board member

The Praeses is the president of the association. This means that this person leads meetings such as, for example, ALVs and board meetings. In addition, the Praeses and takes the floor during e.g. member activities and get-togethers.

The Vice-Praeses is the vice president of our association. This person takes over from the Praeses when the latter is unable to perform his duties. In addition, the Vice-President has a lot of contact with external parties outside the association.

The Fiscus is the treasurer of the association. This means that the Fiscal oversees the financial flows within and outside the association and compiles the budget annually.