Sam Piek


Hi, I’m Sam (he/him). I’m the Fiscal for this year, which means you can come to me with questions about your dues, budgets or grants. I will be studying again this year, and that is Event Management as a freshman. So I love being involved in organising events. I also work on projects as a self-employed person and can be hired as a photographer. I know relatively a lot about cameras, so if you ever have any questions or need help in that area, I’m happy to help. Moreover, I am a huge film lover, so if you feel like having a chat about films, I am your guy! If you run into me on the street or at get-togethers, be sure to say hello, I like to chat with everyone :)

The Fiscus is the treasurer of the association. This means that the Fiscal oversees the financial flows within and outside the association and compiles the budget annually.