Tirza Besseling


Hi hi, I’m Tirza (she/they), I will be in the role of Vicarius next year, which is actually the internal commissioner. My role is all about member retention, so I will be mainly concerned with bringing existing members together and introducing new members to the association, as well as keeping in touch with former members. Among other things, I manage the intro groups, barbuddies and mentors and am the contact person for disputes and alumni. I study psychology and am particularly interested in the relationship between the brain and behaviour. Besides my studies, I dance and like to be creative. I can often be found cooking in the kitchen or in nature. I like to be around people as much as possible and I am also very much looking forward to getting to know you (even) better next year, so do come and have a chat!

Task board member

The main task of the Vicarius is to promote and maintain the inter-member bond of the association. The Vicarius has close contacts with disputes and committees and welcomes new members to the rest of the association.