Veer Geldermans


Hi, I’m Veer (they/them) I’ll be the assessor next year. I make sure all get-togethers and activities are recorded and try to get you in the best possible photo. I also keep track of social media and the newsletter. That way I make sure you don’t miss anything! I studied Product Design at the HKU so I love art and love going to museums. I make analogue prints and sometimes have exhibitions. I love nature especially bird watching (I know many of them by heart) or road cycling. Besides taking a lot of photos, I am also practising DJing so maybe I will spin at a party next year. If you see me walking around at the drinks party tap me for a photo!

The Assessor deals with the internal and external promotion of the association. For example, the Assessor takes photos during activities and manages them on social media and the Website, among other things.