Dispuut Atlas

Since 2022

Lucas Caminada Praeses

Luisa Ramos Ab Actis

Gonçalo Soares Soeiro Fiscus

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Hello! Welcome to Atlas! We are Anteros’ dispuut for international and multicultural members. Officially founded in 2022, we serve to give the internationally minded members of Anteros a home. Integrating into dutch student culture can be difficult. Especially when you’ve moved here from a different country or have a different cultural background. That’s why we’re here! We meet every month for fun activities and look out for one another. We also serve to give international students a bigger voice within the association. Atlas is the titan in Greek mythology tasked with holding up the heavens for all eternity. This serves as a reminder that we’re all born under the same sky, see the same stars, and walk the same planet. So if our wonderful dispuut has peaked your interest or you’re looking for a group of friends to share laughs and drinks with, approach one of our board members or send us a message at either dispuutatlas@uhsv-anteros.nl or @atlasdispuut on instagram. Who knows, maybe we’ll see you at our next activity! Simul Tenemus Caelum! Together we hold the heavens!