Dispuut Dionysos

Since 2018

Board of dispuut Dionysos:

Fleur Koolstra (Praeses)

Bryce van Steenis (Ab Actis)

Eva van Dijk (Fiscus)

Get in touch with the dispuut...

[email protected]

Hi, we are Dionysos, the cultural and social dispuut of Anteros. We meet every third thursday of the month and have events together that usually include a cultural touch. These events vary from wine tastings to lasergaming, musical quizzes, and fingerpainting.

Dionysos is the Greek god of the wine, fun and dance. We thought it was the perfect name for a social dispuut with a cultural touch. Dionysos is a mixed dispuut, which means there are no requirements regarding gender (identity). Becoming a member is by invitation only, but you can let us know if you have any interest in joining. Our first language is Dutch, but all of our members do speak English.

You can also recognize us by our red t-shirts with our logo at drinks and activities of Anteros.

More info? Send an email to [email protected] or DM us on instagram @dionysosdispuut