Dispuut 2021-Euphoria

Since 2021

Board of Euphoria:

Loïse Haak (Praeses) [she/her]
Wren de Kock (Ab Actis) [ey/em/eir]
Roos van Staalduine (Fiscus) [she/her]
Leene T. (General Boardmember) [they/them]

Gender euphoria: The joy that comes with finding your identity, the expression that comes from the past and feeling at home in a community where they can share experiences.

We are Euphoria! The disp for transgender people, non-binary people, not intersex and/or others who don’t start out as cisgender. We are the newest sorority of Anteros and every third Thursday of the month we come together in the spirit of conviviality and connection. Central to the dispute is gender euphoria. This is the opposite of gender dysphoria, hence the name Euphoria.

The sorority is a great place for trans Anterians where they can share their experiences and feel safe and seen. For these reasons it is possible to be an anonymous member of the sorority.
Furthermore, we are a connection for information on all things gender, in order to increase the visibility of trans people and their needs both inside and outside Anteros.

Do you want to join have any questions? You can always contact the board of Euphoria or send an email to dispuutuphoria@uhsv-anteros.nl