15 January 2018


Logo_siteE.L.L.A. is the women’s dispuut of Anteros and has been set up to provide a more traditional student-like environment to the women who want it. We meet every 3rd Thursday of the month to drink beer, wine and cocktails, play some laser tag, enjoy delicious food, go out or watch some movies. E.L.L.A. has no hazing ceremony,  but there are a number of traditions that new members will have to deal with when they join the dispuut. We are a close-knit group of friends, where in addition to the regular meeting every 3rd Thursday, we frequently meet up for other activities such as lunches, sports activities, or pre-drinks for parties.


Once a year the board of E.L.L.A. invites potential members for a drink with E.L.L.A. to see if there’s a click between members and potential members. We will also take into account some requirements that you have to meet in order to join the dispute.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

E-mail: dispuutella@uhsv-dobbelen_editanteros.nl