19 March 2015

Chris Vlam


My name is Chris Vlam, I am 20 years old and I am a following a double major at the University of Utrecht in Economics & Business Economics and History.

This year I have the honors to be the treasurer of Anteros. This means I will be in charge of everything surrounding banking. Budgeting, balance sheets, managing the accounts and archiving all of your receipts will be my job for the full year. Furthermore, I will be an intern commissioner, where I will be in charge of the volunteering group, a quarterly gathering of the head of all the committees, and lastly cases surrounding intern communication and problems between committees. This year I will be part of the travel committee and the UIT-committee (for the second time!).

I grew up in a small village in the Vecht area, where I had to cycle 12 kilometers to go to secondary school. The world was a bit too small for all my energy, so I decided to broaden my world. I went to live in a slightly bigger town called Hilversum when I went to study in Utrecht. After a year I moved to Rome to specialize in international business. After this, I wanted to go even bigger and studied trade laws for a month in Beijing. Returning back to the Netherlands a year ago, I decided it was time to start living the Utrecht student life. I was back for not even five days when I found a room in Utrecht and became a member of Anteros. For a year I participated in the UIT committee, the travel committee, and the art and culture committee. Now, in my fourth year of university, I am finalizing both my bachelors and have all the time to do my share in being the board of Anteros. Which I am very excited about!

I am quite the bouncing ball and I like to be every at the same time. I am always ready for a party and some dance moves! Feel free to always come up to me for a random chat: it doesn’t matter if it is about the deeper meanings of life, or how whales sleep at night: I love it all!

Love, Chris