19 March 2015

Goos van Lent

DSC_0135Hi! I’m Goos and this year I’ll be the Vice-President of Anteros. I’m 22 years old and I’ve recently received my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Utrecht University. Currently I’m studying all the way down in Eindhoven, but I’ll still be living in Utrecht for a while.

So this year I’m the Vice-President. I’ll be the acting President in Kelly’s absence, but besides that, this position has no official duties. However, this doesn’t mean that I’m doing nothing besides this. I’m responsible for the contact with our “sister associations” (other LGBT+-student associations throughout the country), as well as some other external contacts. I’m in charge of the contact with potential new members as well.

I’ve built up quite a reputation in by board for being very strict on grammar. Because of this, they sort of promoted me to being the chief of grammar. Nearly every important text is spell checked by me. Besides all these tasks I help others out where necessary. When I help answering emails I feel like a Vice-Secretary, and when I helped printing the member passes I felt like a Vice-Assessor. I might be a Vice-everything!

This year I started studying Architecture in Eindhoven. It pains me, because everyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love Utrecht. I know every cobblestone by name, so for questions about the city you’ll have to come to me! Besides our Stadsjie I like going out (too much), casual drinks, watching football, meeting new people, architecture, city trips and, of course, Anteros! I’m also a huge fan of penguins, because they are just as clumsy as me.

Don’t hesitate to speak to me (or one of my fellow board members) at one of our drinks every Wednesday night in Bodytalk! We’d love to give you more information about our association.



h.t. Vice-President