19 March 2015

Joram Schlatmann


I’m Joram Schlatmann, 22 years old. I recently graduated as a mobility expert in Breda. Huh, Breda? Yes, for my internship I moved from the “Pearl of the South” to Utrecht, and I basically never left. However, I’m born and raised in Utrecht, so with my 17 previous years of living in Utrecht, living here feels very familiar.

This year I’ll be known as the Secretary. As Secretary, most of the correspondence between the board and the members will go through me. I manage the (member) administration, post, email, and I take the minutes at all of our board meetings. So if you’re looking for a document like our regulations, you need to contact me. Besides all this, I take care of the Activity Committee, Pub Committee and the taskforce for changing our statutes and regulations.
In the UIT week of 2017 I became a member of Anteros. After being a member of a Christian association and a general student association in Breda, I wanted to find an association in Utrecht where I would feel at home as well. I liked Anteros, because there drinks and parties are combined with more serious stuff like seminars and debates, so I immediately joined. After a year of membership of the Activity Committee, EnSuite Committee, UIT Committee, Introduction Committee and the taskforce for the changing of the statutes and regulations, I decided to apply for board membership! With a (sometimes too much) perfectionist attitude and a lot of enthusiasm I hope we’ll make the upcoming year a blast!

Don’t hesitate to talk to me at one of our drinks of activities. Maybe just for a question, or for a little talk. I hope to see you soon at our weekly drinks!

Joram Schlatmann
h.t. Secretary