22 September 2017

Olivier de Haan

DSC_0224I’m Olivier. I’m technically 24 years, yet in reality I am still very young spirited. When it comes to what I study; it differs every year. Which keeps things exciting, although it’ll always be related to history in some sort of way since that’ll always be a sort of hobby to me.

I spend the biggest part of my life in the forest infested Veenendaal. There is nothing more enjoyable than walking through the woods on a beautiful Sunday with my dogs at my side while you can hear church bells clang from one of the forty different churches in Veenendaal.

This is my third year as a member of Anteros, and it just keeps getting more and more fun. By now, the association has given me so much, that it was about time I gave something back. That’s why I, by the grace of the members, get to be Acquisitor. People often ask me what an Acquisitor does. The answer to that becomes clear the moment you first see me, ‘cause I’m always on the hunt for a free drink or cigarette. But now it’s time to turn professional and start acquiring free drinks and cigarettes for the members.

This year I’ll be busy with making deals with current and future patrons. I’ll also be helping behind the scenes wherever and whenever I can.  On top of that, I’ll take part in the Lustrum- and UITcommittee when I’m not at a COC meeting.

Are you still not completely clear on what an Acquisitor does? That lets get a drink together at one of our weekly drinks, I’ll entertain you with some incredible stories and one my many infamous anecdotes.

Houdoe! (Howdoo!)

Olivier de Haan