14 August 2017


Welcome to the best page on this site! Here you will find all the info for your introduction to the most fun student association in Utrecht: Anteros!

The introductiontime is THE time to get to know Anteros. You will be put in an introgroup, which means you’ll get to know new and old Anterians immediately! Together, you will attend all the amazing activities that will be organised especially for you. Between August 21st and October 31st you will grow up to be real Anterians. To make this clear, all activities (participation is not mandatory) will be themed around different moments in the life of an Anterian. Outside of all these activities there will of course be a borrel each Wednesday around 9 pm at the Bodytalk!

Bodytalk is one of two gay pubs in Utrecht with an amazing atmosphere. Would you like to find out what Anteros is all about? You are welcome to join us at our weekly drinks! The meetings take place every Wednesday and we usually start around 9 PM.

If you want to go to the weekly drinks with someone from Anteros, you can fill out this form. Once you’ve submitted all your information, we will make sure someone contacts you.

First snack and birth - Wednesday August 21st

Obviously, we will begin at the beginning! The introductiontime will open Wednesday August 21st with a borrel completely in the theme of birth! Celebrate your own birth as an Anteriaan with the typical Dutch treat when a kid is born: beschuit with muisjes! Also make sure to have some baby food and a good dance!

Boat trip - Thursday August 29st

As an Anterian, it is also important to know Utrecht’s canals very well, so Thursday August 29st we will go on a big swimming lesson! Don’t worry, we won’t release you into the canals, but we’ll be on a boat. From there, we’ll have a great view of the Dom, the Ledig Erf and of course the Oudegracht!

View Yearbook - Wednesday September 4th

During this drinks on Wednesday September 4th, you can take a look at the lives of Anterians. This is done in the form of a yearbook, which comes out every year!

Coming-out - Thursday September 5th

But obviously it is also important to get to know your fellow Anterians well! That’s why there is a special bonding activity on Thursday September 5th: the coming out! Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to come out! Instead, you’ll get to know your fellow Anterians through some fun games.

Karaoke drinks - Wednesday September 11th

The next step in the life of an Anterian (actually of every student) is your first time going out! To celebrate this as well as possible, there will be a real karaoke-borrel in the Bodytalk on Wednesday September 11th! So go crazy on that mic and celebrate that you’re old enough to drink!

Committee market (drinks) - Wednesday September 18th

On this day, a committee market will take place, where different members from those committees will inform you about what they do with their committee. Anteros has many committees, which organize loads of different activities for the association! Do you want to know more, does it seem fun to be able to do more for the association or are you just curious? Then join us on Wednesday, September 18th at the committee market, which is accessible to all Anterians and where you can ask all your questions…

Furthermore, disputes will be present, which can tell you about what they do with their dispute each 3rd Thursday of the month, and how to start your own dispute!

Frat party - Friday September 20th

The next activity will bring us very close to the current situation: we celebrate that you’re a student! That’s why, on Friday September 20th, there will be a real American frat party in the Bodytalk! Celebrate student life with a red cup in hand!

Cycling dinner - Thursday September 26th

From here it gets a little speculative. Many Dutch students give a 21 dinner, so we will too! On Thursday September 26th there will be a cycling dinner, where you and your introgroup will cycle through Utrecht and have a nice dinner at multiple locations.

Intro-camp October 4th through 6th

By now this next thing is also part of life: a gap year! To imitate this as accurately as possible, we won’t take one day for this, but an entire weekend! Yes, from October 4th through 6th the yearly Anteros introductioncamp will take place! In 3 days we will do as many activities as possible that are typical for a gap year, like travelling, working a little and doing a lot of partying!

Are you registering before September 20th? Then you can join us at our great introductioncamp from 4 till 6 October. No hazing with us, just nice things. The introductioncamp is primarily intended to introduce new members to the association. However, there is always a large group of existing members because they do not want to miss this legendary weekend. You wouldn’t want to miss it either, right?

Will you become a member after the introductioncamp? No worries! A second introductioncamp is organized in February as a winter weekend.

Pub crawl - Thursday October 10th

Now we make a (big) timejump: on Thursday October 10th it’s time for your bachelorparty! This will obviously be celebrated with a pub crawl, allowing you to get to know the bars in Utrecht a little better! And maybe you can move on to a good party after…











Who is the cheater? (Dutch gameshow) - Wednesday October 16th

Then, unfortunately something bad happened: your partner cheated! But, with whom?? To solve that mysterie, you will play some different games on Wednesday October 16th with your group and have to pay attention to who’s sabotaging! (Any similarities to the Dutch gameshow Wie is de Mol is entirely coincidental)

Quiz - wednesday October 23th

Also nearly inevitable: a midlife crisis! On wednesday October 23th you will all have lost your way a little, but to find it back we will use a quiz to look back at all the wonderful years at Anteros! So, join in and learn about the history of your new association!

Dia de Los Muertos - Thursday October 31st

And lastly, the end of your life! But even this we can turn into a party at Anteros! On Thursday October 31st there will be a huge party, in the theme of Dia de Los Muertos! Exactly in time for Halloween, and the perfect moment to show your creativity and celebrate the wonderful life you’ll have at Anteros!

After all these wonderful activities you will be a real Anterian! If you have any questions, don’t be ashamed to come up to anyone from the IntroduCie. 

The IntroduCie 2019 (introduction committee)

Judica, Dennis, Marga, Joes, Jop, Olivier, Anne en Joram

Signing up with Anteros

You can sign up with us all year long! At our drinks and activities, or going to our website: Read more!