Get ready for Lustrum II!


The Lustrum Committee presents the Lustrum Month


On June 22nd, 2020, U.H.S.V. Anteros celebrated its tenth birthday. This beautiful milestone was threatened to be overshadowed by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the Lustrum committee managed to create a beautiful Lustrum in September, with many great activities to celebrate our second Lustrum.




Anteros draait ook om jou. Jij als uniek lid van de meest unieke studentenvereniging van Utrecht. Dit is aan het begin van het Lustrumjaar al gevierd met onder andere een feest op de prachtige datum 10/10, een biercantus in Odyssey-stijl en een livestream vanuit Bodytalk op 22 juni werd het Lustrum van Anteros al gevierd. Nu wordt het tijd om het Lustrumjaar passend af te sluiten!

Anteros is about you. You, as a unique member of the most unique student association in Utrecht. This has been celebrated at the beginning of our Lustrum Year already, with activities like a golden party on the magical date of 10/10, a beer cantus in Odyssey style and a live stream from Bodytalk on June 22nd. Now it’s time to give the Lustrum Year a grand finale!


September 2020: the Lustrum Month


In September, it’s time for this grand finale. With many activities and drinks during this month, we commemorate the journey our association has made, we celebrate how beautiful the association has become, and we give a blasting start to another five years of Anteros!

Below, you can see which activities we are organizing during the Lustrum Month. The golden events are publicly accessible!

Opening Drinks

Time to kick off the Lustrum Month! Join the Lustrum Committee and the Eleventh Board for a slice of cake and a welcome shot. During the night there will be, a for now secret, reveal… So don’t miss it!

Signing up is not necessary, but the spots are given on a first come, first serve basis.

On September 5th, we’ll enter the water to honour our member’s most liked things: wetness and alcohol! We’ll canoe a beautiful route in pairs, where the Lustrum Committee has set up multiple stops to refresh you with a delicious cocktail. At the end point you can chill out and chat with the other members!

Tuesday night the 8th of September, we’ll cross the Oudegracht to Café Kalff for the very first Anteros Drag Bingo! Led by Miss Bodytalk, Charlotte Rockefeller, it will be a magic night full of numbers, balls and prizes. There will also be a livestream of the event: everyone can join! Bingo cards are for sale in the café and through the livestream. Are you joining us?

Bingo cards are €1,50 a piece. Spots in the café are only available for Anteros members, so sign up for a spot. The livestream is publicly accessible!

Alumni Drinks

In ten years of Anteros, a countless number of students have been members of our association. Time for a reunion! Gather all your friends who are former members or alumni for an old-fashioned Wednesday evening drink at Bodytalk. Current members are also more than welcome to join!

Anteros likes food. A lot. That’s why we’ve arranged a grand tapas dinner for our members!

Wine Tasting

Spicy Shiraz, a crunchy Sauvignon Blanc or a powerful Médoc? Celebrate our second Lustrum in style with a professional wine tasting. You’ll experience the most delicious wines, led by a real sommelier. In 90 minutes, six wines will be presented, so you can call yourself a real wine connoisseur afterwards!

Greek God Drinks

The Lustrum goes Greek! In the third and last Lustrum drink, it’s time to find your most divine self at the Greek God Drinks. Dress up in your best laurel wreath, toga or dress and enjoy a cocktail deal, like you’re used to at our themed drinks.

Fancy a trip with Anteros after all? The Lustrum Committee has set up a visit to the most spectacular theme park in the country: Walibi Holland! You’ll sail in the Rio Grande, spin in the Tomahawk and descend the hills of the Goliath!