10 November 2019


With pride, the second Lustrum Committee presents the second Lustrum of

U.H.S.V. Anteros: ‘Epos – An Odyssey of Love’. For a whole year,  a series of

major events  will be held, counting down to our tenth anniversary on June 22,

2020, on which our Lustrum week will be kicked off!

During the Lustrum Year, we will reflect on the journey of Anteros, from the very beginning to the present day. Anteros is a blossoming student association with around 200 members, which would not have been achieved without the establishment of Anteros on a summer afternoon in 2010. The modest start was the beginning for the creation of a place where LGBT+ students can be themselves. A place to laugh, where friendships are built, life lessons are learned and parties are thrown. Anteros conquered the hearts of our members, former members and many more. The association has conquered its place in the student life of Utrecht. The Lustrum schedule for the upcoming year is given below. Some activities are open for members only, some for alumni as well and some are open for anyone to join. Take a look and celebrate the tenth anniversary of U.H.S.V. Anteros together with us!


10/10 Party - Thursday, October 10th

The Lustrum Year was kicked off in a spectacular way on the fitting date of October 10th. Under the motto “ANTEROS IS 10, YOU’RE A 10, LET’S GET READY FOR 10/10!”, K-Sjot was transformed into a black-and-gold theme to celebrate this occasion.

Beercantus - Thursday, November 14th

On Thursday, November 14th, the Lustrum Cantus took place: the participants enjoyed quite some liters of beer while singing to a lot of (gay) classics in our home base, the U-Bar. Of course the most important rule was never forgotten: don’t drink while you sing and don’t sing while you drink!

Lustrumsymposium - Saturday, February 8th

At this public symposium, which will take place during the whole afternoon, multiple speakers with an LGBT+ background will speak about a subject in which they are an expert. The location and the speakers will be announced later, but reserve the date in your agenda: Saturday February 8th! Please note: the lectures will be held in Dutch.

Lustrumgala - April

The gala will be one of the highlights this Lustrum Year, and will be bigger than ever. Including a dinner, this evening will be a night to never forget. The gala will be open for members, alumni and ex-members. More information will follow soon!

Lustrumweek - 22 - 28th of June

To top things off, a whole week of activities will be organized in June. The week will kick off on Anteros its birthday: June 22 2020! Keep an eye on our website and social media for further information.