8 March 2017

Canal Pride committee

The CanalCie

The CanalCie 2019-2020 members are (from left to right, top to bottom):
Laura Burger 
Claudia Hacke (secretary)
Margot Jacobs (chairman)
Marga Don (acting board member)
Nick Peeterse
Bram van Overdijk (treasurer)

The Canal Pride Committee (CanalCie) is the committee that makes sure Anteros sails along with the annual Utrecht Canal Pride. Last year Anteros crossed the waters of the Utrecht Canals with our beautiful Angels and Demons themed boat which was super fun! This year the committee is again devoted to creating a gigantic party on the boat. We are going to make sure that as many Anteros members as possible can enter the boat in 2020. Anteros will sail with good music, lots of drinks, fantastic people, a beautiful theme, and all the colours of the rainbow, at the Utrecht Canal Pride. So all hands on deck, because Anteros is going to make waves on the 6th of June, 2020. Amor, Vincit, Omnia!