3 January 2020

HR committee

The PoliCie

The PoliCie 2019-2020 members are (from left to right):
Joram Schlatmann (chairman)
Eva van Dijk (acting board member)
Dirk Versluis (secretary)
Haico Wong (treasurer)

As a student union, Anteros is always changing, continually getting new members and reaching new milestones. This means that despite the renewed articles of association, we still have regulations like the rules of procedure (huishoudelijk reglement in Dutch) that need to be revamped. As such we have elected to appoint a committee to take this task upon them. As such we would like to introduce ourselves: we are the PoliCie! As a committee of Anteros we fulfill the following three roles:
1. Advisory: the PoliCie committee offers every member of Anteros clarification of the regulations that are currently enacted. Everyone including the Board, committees, members, friends of Anteros or Alumni can appeal to one of our members for questions.
2. Executive: the PoliCie continually revamps Anteros’ regulations according to where change is deemed necessary and provides motions to change the articles in question.
3. Regulatory: the PoliCie sees to it that the rules of our union are followed correctly and provides consultation if need be.

If you have any questions or would like to consult one of us about the regulations like the rules of procedure or articles of association feel free to email us at: HRcommissie@uhsv-anteros.nl