3 January 2020

Lustrum committee

The LustrumCie

The LustrumCie 2019-2020 members are (photo coming soon): 
Goos van Lent (chairman)
Eefje Sanders (treasurer)
Dennis van der Ent Braat (acting board member)
Christy Brouwer (acting board member)
Nick Peeterse 
Jonathan Trejos
Robin Leistra
Leon van den Boogaard
Olivier de Haan 

This year the second lustrum of Anteros will take place and the Lustrum committee will provide you with a busy schedule! To celebrate Anteros turning 10 years old, the committee put together a set of activities and events. From parties to symposium, to a beer cantus: the lustrum is a party that will last all year long. 

Check out the lustrum page for more information.