19 March 2015

Social committee

De SerieuCie

The SerieuCie 2019-2020 members are (from left to right, photo coming soon):
Merijn Heeres (chairman)
Yacine Verschuren (treasurer)
Willemijn Ros (secretary) 
Joes de Jonge (acting board member)
Floris van den Bulck 
Keimpe de Vries

We would like to introduce ourselves as representatives of the social committee of Anteros. We have a unique oppurtunity to bring sociopolitical problems of our members and the broader queer community to the table in the new decennium. We want to achieve this by organizing activities where attendees can inform, express and amuse themselves. These events will be announced in due course on the Anteros Facebook page. We want to invite everyone to attend our activities and work together with ons on a broader goal: the development of social involvement of Anteros and her members.